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This is a cut-down version of Module:Convert/documentation/conversion data/doc to allow the creation of unit definitions for Module:Convert/extra.

The results are shown on the talk page and may be seen after saving this page. Previous versions of this page are available in its history and they may have useful examples.



Unit code Symbol US symbol Scale Extra Name Plural name US name US plural name Prefix Default Link
isp s 9.80665 second km/s Specific impulse
km/h km/h 10/36 kilometre per hour kilometres per hour kilometer per hour kilometers per hour mph Kilometres per hour
km/s km/s 1000 kilometre per second kilometres per second kilometer per second kilometers per second mi/s Metre per second
kNs/kg kN-s/kg 1000 kN-s/kg kN-s/kg isp Specific impulse
mi/s mi/s 1609.344 mile per second miles per second km/s Mile
mph mph 0.44704 mile per hour miles per hour km/h Miles per hour
Ns/kg N-s/kg 1 N-s/kg N-s/kg isp Specific impulse
si tsfc g/(kN·s) 1/101972/9.80665 invert g/(kN·s) g/(kN·s) tsfc Thrust specific fuel consumption
tsfc lb/(lbf·h) 1/9.80665/3600 invert lb/(lbf·h) lb/(lbf·h) si tsfc Thrust specific fuel consumption
kWh/100mi kW-hrs/100 mi 22.3694 kilowatt-hour per 100 miles kilowatt-hours per 100 miles mpge miles per gallon gasoline equivalent
kWh/100km kWh/100 km 36 kilowatt-hour per 100 kilometres kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometres kilowatt-hour per 100 kilometers kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometers mpge miles per gallon gasoline equivalent
mpge mpg-e 13.00e-6 invert mile per gallon gasoline equivalent miles per gallon gasoline equivalent kWh/100mi miles per gallon gasoline equivalent
mpg-e =mpge

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