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Using EDUCATION TOKENS Is Basically This:

Blue-circle-target.png EDU:The Hive Education Token

The EDU token (Hive Education Token) is a digital token aimed at improving the accessibility and effectiveness of education and training. Its goal is to stimulate engagement and participation of users on the HIVE platform, while offering an alternative to traditional fiat currency payments. It allows for the exchange of knowledge and skills, as well as the rewarding of different actors within the educational system (students, trainers, etc.).


  • Choose a Username: The username acts as an easy to remember and easy to use Hive account, wallet address and EDU Tokens.
  • Choose a Passwords: The password add a protection to your wallet transactions.
  • Security Process: Make sure to securely save the passwords and all keys that you’re given during the signup process

What is a Hive blockchain?

Hive is a blockchain that was designed to be fast, feeless, decentralized, uncensored platform for Web3.0 applications, with built-in features where stake holders can earn rewards by staking, curating, posting, playing games, trading - all without any middle man (decentralized). Hive blockchain use

  • Principal Tokens: HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER;
  • Hive Second layers tokens such that: BEE, LEO, EDU, CBONUS, CENT, CASHBACK, METANAME, MEME, POF, POB, .....
  • Rewards, Tips or gift points such that: ecency points, points-fr, fikif points,...

Why a Hive account?

  • You need to create a Hive account to interact with the Hive blockchain, EDU TOKENS team and your new WEB3 Wallet (Crypto and Tokens).


Join At:

Create a Hive Account for EDU TOKENS

Choose a Username

  • Hive blockchain accounts are identified by a unique username.
  • Once you verify your username with the selected verification method, you can't change it or continue the sign-up proccess with another username with same verification method.
  • This account username can be used to login to any Hive-based application (like Ecency, LeoFinance, Peakd for example) and can also be used to send and receive rewards and cryptocurrency payments (HIVE, BEE, LEO, EDU, CBONUS, CASHBACK, CENT, METANAME,...)

Verify That You’re Not a Robot

The signup process will offer a simple prompt to prove that you’re not a robot claiming thousands of accounts at once.

Securely Store Your Passwords

The last step is to secure the passwords you’re given. You’ll see a master password and a few other “keys” to your account. Remember that blockchain accounts are non-recoverable if you lose the keys. Make sure to securely save the passwords that you’re given during the signup process!

Account informations &


Account interface

Blue-circle-target.png CHOOSE YOUR WALLET

Our selection Wallet

Others wallets



Blue-circle-target.png Backup Your Account & Keys

Create & Backup Your Account & Keys

Blue-circle-target.png USE HIVE SYSTEM

  • Login To Hive blog and Browse Hive!
  • Gain Resource Credits At GiftGiver.Site
  • Make First Post
  • Consume Content
  • Engage (Vote, Reply, Reblog)
  • Reap Rewards (HIVE, Hive Power, HBD, EDU, Ecency points, CBONUS, CASHBACK)
  • Manage Funds, Get Paid, Trade, P2P, ....
  • Create, Consume, Earn, Repeat

Blue-circle-target.png EDU RICHLIST

Blue-circle-target.png EDU: A HIVE SECOND LAYER TOKENS

Second layer tokens: TRADE SECOND LAYER TOKENS