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The EDU Ecosystem is currently undergoing a rapid and exhilarating expansion, and we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join our esteemed team of ambassadors.


What Qualifications Are Necessary to Become an EDU TOKENS Ambassador?

  • To emphasize our commitment to the educational aspect, we require that ambassadors:
  • Be actively engaged in one or more educational, training, or learning initiatives. We value your hands-on involvement in projects that contribute to knowledge and skill development.
  • Possess expertise in the field of training and education. Your proficiency in these areas will be a cornerstone of our mission to promote knowledge sharing and growth.
In addition to the educational focus, we also seek ambassadors who possess the following qualifications:
  • Proficiency in cryptocurrency with a substantial background in the crypto industry. Your familiarity with digital currencies is essential for effectively representing EDU TOKENS.
  • Strong writing skills in both English and another language. Effective communication is key to conveying our message to a diverse audience.
  • A profound passion for the Web3 Ecosystem, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of its potential. Your enthusiasm and comprehension of Web3 will be vital in promoting its possibilities.
  • Ideally, an ambassador should have a diversified portfolio that includes HIVE, EDU, CBONUS, CASHBACK & POF Tokens, and/or Hive. A varied portfolio reflects your commitment to the ecosystem.
  • Ideally, they should have a robust local crypto presence and an extensive network in their home country, or they should be enthusiastic about building one. A strong local presence and network will help expand our reach and impact.
If you resonate with these criteria, then you are a prime candidate to become one of the Founding Members of the EDU TOKENS Ambassador Program.

As an ambassador, you will serve as the representative of EDU TOKENS, with a strong emphasis on our educational mission. You will play a pivotal role in our day-to-day operations, actively contributing to the dissemination of information about our projects, launches, and much more.


The responsibilities of an EDU TOKENS Ambassador encompass:

  • Collaborating in coordinated efforts with the EDU TOKENS team.
  • Providing guidance and support to newcomers within the EDU TOKENS community.
  • Advocating for and promoting EDU TOKENS.
  • Identifying and pursuing local and global partnership opportunities, both in the online and physical realms.

Hours per week

Being an EDU TOKENS Ambassador typically requires a commitment of approximately 3 hours per week of your schedule. Your educational expertise in the crypto and blockchain field will further enhance your contributions to the program, particularly in nurturing our educational initiatives.