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System to convert hive tokens to Cbonus


  1. Go to
  2. Select MultiStaker
  • Hive Multi Staker (HMS) is a tool made for claim, stake or unstake all your Hive-Engine tokens. You can use this tool with Hive Keychain or HiveSigner.
  1. Enter your HIVE username
  2. Claim rewards
  3. Select all
  4. Claim your selected rewards (you can autorize hive.autoclaim to Auto-claim (each a day) all Hive rewards & HiveEngine tokens !)
  5. Go Back
  6. Enter your HIVE username
  7. Send to another account
  8. Select Tokens to send
  9. In Receiving account: enter @converter.bonus
  10. Clic on send them now
  • MultiStaker : Send to converter.bonus successfully completed!
  • "All tokens sent will be converted into Cbonus and delivered to your account"