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  • It is a conceptual approach that does not merely include one paradigm or a set of assumptions. Instead, eclecticism adheres to or is constituted from several theories, styles, and ideas in order to gain a thorough insight about the subject, and draws upon different theories in different cases

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  • The class starts with an inductive activity with learners identifying the different uses of synonyms of movement using a reading text. They then practise these using TPR. In another class the input is recycled through a task-based lesson, with learners producing the instructions for an exercise manual.
  • A typical lesson might combine elements from various sources such as TPR and TBL (the examples); the communicative approach, e.g. in communication gap activities; the lexical approach, e.g. focusing on lexical chunks in reading; and the structural-situational approach, e.g. establishing a clear context for the presentation of new structures.

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  • how to integrate eight or so syllabuses (functional, notional, situational, topic, phonological, lexical, structural, skills) into a sensible teaching program

Aides et astuces

  • We should develop-and-use teaching strategies that are more effective in helping students improve their ideas-AND-skills. When we're thinking about the unfortunate tensions of "ideas VERSUS skills" we should place more emphasis on helping students improve their skills.
  • the balance & timing of discovery and explanation, and ways to combine them — are more effective when we are helping students when they are learning IDEAS, and are learning SKILLS.

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